Designed with Speech Pathologists and Laryngologists

Phonalyze was created to help voice experts better serve their patient population. We made it simple,
powerful, secure, and to provide immediate results. No apps to download for you or your patients. No
waiting for analysis results. No audio degredation from telehealth visits.


Voice Analysis Built for a Remote and Mobile World


Select Patient Tasks

Create a patient session in seconds. Select the voice and/or perceptual tasks you want your patient to complete from our menu of commonly used tools.

SMS Tasks to your Patient

Text Tasks to your Patient

Phonalyze creates an anonymous secured URL to send to your patient. Enter their phone number and send the link via Phonalyze- keeping your personal number private.

SMS Tasks to your Patient

Patients Complete Tasks on their Phone

Patients use the secure URL to access Phonalyze and follow simple directions to complete the tasks you selected for them. All tasks are completed from the convenience of their mobile device browser.
We made it simple, powerful, secure and fast.

No Obligation or Commitment

No Obligation or Commitment

We want you to try Phonalyze and experience its power and simplicity for 30 days with absolutely no obligation or commitment. If you like it, pay only $39/mo and cancel anytime.

Analyzed Results in Seconds

Analyzed Results in Seconds

Audio and responses are encrypted
and sent securely and anonymously to Phonalyze where they are analyzed and made available to you instantly.

Remote sessions done in seconds with Phonalyze


Select your patient


Choose the task(s) you would like them to perform


Send anonymous links through Phonalyze SMS allowing patients to complete tasks on their phones


Receive analyzed audio and perceptual task responses in seconds

  • Voice Tasks
  • Capture voice audio remotely and receive PRAAT analyzed data instantly
  • Sustained Vowel of “ah” and “ee”
  • Conversational Speech
  • MPT “ah”and "ee"
  • CAPE-V Sentence Production
  • Grandfather Passage
  • Rainbow Passage
  • Perceptual Tasks
  • Send and track perceptual surveys and track progress over time for each patient
  • Cough Severity Index
  • VHI-10 Voice Handicap Index
  • EAT-10 Swallowing Difficulty
  • DI Dyspnea Index
  • SVHI-10 Singing Voice Handicap Index
  • Voice Reports
  • View analysis of voice tasks in seconds
  • CPP & CPPS
  • Harmonicity
  • Jitter
  • Pitch
  • Pulses
  • Shimmer
  • Voicing
  • Intensity (dB)

Phonalyze for Groups of Therapists

Do you have a group of therapists that need to share access to a common patient population?

We have you covered with our Phonalyze for Groups plan. Group plans allow all the therapists in your group to manage a single patient population from creating sessions of voice and perceptual tasks to viewing voice analysis reports. Choose your group size of up to three therapists or up to ten therapists. If you have a larger group, contact us and we’ll get you setup in no time.

Group plans start at $120/month billed monthly. You can add/remove therapists from your group as your practice evolves.

We are so sure you will love Phonalyze for Groups that we allow you to cancel anytime with no long-term contracts or future obligations.

To try Phonalyze for Groups, click here to register for an account and you’ll be up and running in no time.

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